17th Century Knights Armor

Throughout the centuries, the two great centers of armour manufacturing remained in Italy and Germany wherein talented craftsmen created armour for Nobility. Italian armour was highly prized for superior style and Germany for incredible detailing, it is no wonder that the workshops of the time copied the best features and styles of each other and by the 16th century, Germans had adopted the full rounded outlines of Italian armour while the Italians took note of the decorative designs and characteristics popular with German armour.

Our superior reproduction 17th century full suit of plate Armour boasts a basinet style helm and smooth plates, utilizing the artistry of both great armour centers and is crafted in the styling tradition of those master craftsmen who created the originals for kings and knights throughout Europe.

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Churberg Armor

Before there was full plate armor, there was a combination of metal plates and mail. Together, these two were a formidable combination capable of defending a warrior from attack, and together, these two create armor as stunning as the Churberg Armour. At one point, this suit of armor was likely considered the culmination of armor at its time, consisting of layers of plated metal and mail, working together to create a difficult-to-penetrate layer of defense that likely kept many a warrior safe from harm. This suit of armor is just a few pieces shy of being full plate armor, possessing a breastplate, greaves, and vembraces of steel plate, all adorned with elegant brass edging. Knees, elbows, and feet are also protected with steel plate, while the upper waist and upper torso are adorned with a mail skirt and mail collar, respectively, to help enhance the armor's defensive strength.

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Medieval Black Knight Armor

We provide Black Knight Suit of Armor, which is an exact reproduction of the Suit of Armor worn by Knights in the Medieval Era. The Black Knight Suit of Armor is a result of intensive research and intricate designing, to ensure that it brings back those moments of history when valor was a highly valued virtue in men.

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Medieval Gothic Armor

Large sections of plate armor began to be added to mail during the middle of the 13th century. This continued until full plate armor developed sometime in the late 14th century. Two main centers for the production of armor were Germany and Italy. One of the most beautiful of the styles was that called “Gothic”. The Italian Gothic, which we have reproduced, was fuller, not as spiky, but offering a great deal of protection as well as comfort. Offering a rounded surface to both lance and sword, the Italian Gothic armor was in high demand throughout Europe. During this period of time, the average suit of armor would cost about the same as a top of the line Mercedes now. Fortunately our suit doesn’t cost anywhere near that! Historically accurate and fully articulated, this is a fine example of the armorer’s art. Hand forged by Windlass Steelcrafts of 18 gauge steel.

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Full Body Armor

Our company is a reliable Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Full Body Armor in the market. With us, you can avail high quality Full Body Armor. These Full Body Armor are available at the most reasonable prices. Full Body Armor Suit made in 18 Guage. High Polish Only for decoration comes with a stand.

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Steel Full Body Armor

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