Medieval Shoes for Women

Medieval shoes are some of the oldest types of shoes that were ever designed. They were cut from pure leather and as we study the history and the evolution of footwear, we cannot complete the list without mentioning the medieval footwear. Shoes and women can never be separated. This is simply because women are more in love with shoes than men. They tend to buy them so often even if they cannot afford to have them at the moment. We could say it is an addiction they are naturally born with and thus explain their need to have as many pairs of shoes some of which they won’t even wear. But how does the medieval time relate and influence how women choose to wear their footwear?

Medieval shoes although not commonly sold and bought by women can still be found in the market. The shoes will go for a relatively cheap price as their demand is not that high. One can buy the shoes from any store that sell medieval items but they can also be available from other shoe stores. They mostly will be cut from one design but in different colors. They are still manufactured like they were before during the medieval times but with a little bit of twist to give them a bit of today’s fashion. The shoes will have a pointed design because this is what they first looked liked. Before, they were only designed to reach the ankle but today we do have these shoes in various designs including knee high boots.

How to wear them is very simple as well. Medieval shoes can be worn with basically anything in your closet. You can wear the shoes with jeans, long and short skirts and even medieval dresses if you have any. When you choose to wear the shoes with jeans, they will look much better if you were to tuck in the jeans in them. The medieval inspired boots that we wear today can be worn mostly during the cold weather as they can get too warm for the sunny weather. You also want to ensure that the choice of color goes well with most of your outfits. Get dark colored shoes so that you don’t have to keep on buying other types of medieval colored shoes so as to match what you want to wear especially for events.

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Monk's Robe and Hood

The monk’s robe may be the most versatile and modest garment one could own, but don't let its simple looks fool you. The person wearing it has most likely earned it through religious, magical or other secretive means. It was a mark of humble accomplishment and immense power.

Rough textured fabric is 100% heavy cotton weave and generously cut for the most devoted. Includes long tail hood and waist cord.

One size fits most. Available in black, brown or green. Dry clean. Don’t miss out on owning this coveted garment.

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Pirate Captain Buccaneer Coat

Men's Sizes

The bitter cold of the English Channel will be no match for this dashing Captain's styled coat.

This heavy woolen coat is one of the best we have ever produced. The long period cut, the large bell cuffs and the richly antiqued buttons all add up to make this coat one stunning piece of pirate garb.

A coat that would make even Captain Jack take notice. Black rayon lining. Dry clean only. Sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL.

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Quilted Lionheart Gambeson

This heavy quilted cotton gambeson is quartered in off-white and blood red and features two lions rampant on the chest. Can be worn with or without chainmail.

This item is dry clean only and is available in two sizes for you to choose from.

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Red and White Templar Cape

Templar Knight's Cape

This long Knight's Templar cape is one of the heaviest and most elegant we have ever offered.

The stark white color is offset with a large red cross on the left side, while the interior boasts a matching red lining.

Heavy cotton with corded tie. One size. Dry clean only.

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Renaissance Costumes for Men

Our renaissance costumes for men come complete with everything you need to transform your look.

All of our clothing is made of high quality, comfortable material.

We can equip you with plenty of accessories and related supplies. What would a pirate be without a hat?

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William of Montferrat Tunic

William of Montferrat is the Guardian of Acre in King Richard’s absence. A truly beautiful tunic of the Holy Land; of a heavy weave 100% cotton. Quartered in off-white and blood red panels with back-to-back gold embroidered lions rampant and antique gold trims. Dry clean only.

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